The morning preparations at your wedding are often fun, nervous and personal – so it’s a real privilege to be allowed into your home to take the photos. Very few of your guests get to see any of the bridal prep, so let’s make sure your photos are perfect to show off!

Practical Tips:

It’s best to set aside a (fairly) tidy room with lots of natural light for me to work in. Somewhere a little away from everything else that is going on. This saves me getting in your way and lets me take time to get all the details perfect.

Hang the dresses up on wooden hangers (personalised if you like), and provide the shoes without inserts for the photos. Don’t forget the jewellery and, if possible, the flowers. It’s nice to get photos of the invitations and orders of service in the morning too.

I like to get portraits of the bride, bridesmaids, and family members before you leave for the ceremony. It’s best to do this once the hair and makeup are ready and the dress is on. Make sure to leave time for this if it’s important to you, otherwise we’ll get the photos once you arrive at the ceremony venue.