The family photos (and group shots) are some of the most rewarding photos of the day – a reminder for years to come of who shared in your wedding day. But they can also be a cause of some stress, trying to get everyone together at the same time and place. Follow these tips to make them run as smoothly as possible.

Practical Tips:

Think carefully about what the best time to have these photos is, to make sure everyone is together. At some weddings this is straight after the ceremony, at others it’s in the afternoon before the meal. Don’t forget that elderly relatives might only be there at certain times and might not be able to walk too far.

Make a list of every single group that you want a photo of, listing out each name in full. Pass on this list to a groomsman (or another responsible guest) who will oversee getting people ready and call names. Tick each group off the list once the photo has been taken so you don’t miss anyone.

Estimate two minutes for each group photo, although groups of more than eight people can take much longer. It’ll take a little time to round everyone up too.