You’ve probably seen a bunch of wedding albums from parents and older relatives, reminiscing about their wedding day all those years ago. That will be you in a few years too! While we’ve all become accustomed to looking at photos on your phone or tablet, from Facebook and Instagram, nothing beats a good printed album!

Tips for Choosing Photos:

I’ll supply you with an online gallery of several hundred photos, which are fully downloadable. You should narrow your selection down to about 30-45 photos for a standard wedding album (20 sides). You can do this in your online gallery by choosing your ‘favourites’ – I’ll be able to see which you’ve selected later.

Put on some good music and enjoy remembering your wedding day! Selecting photos for your album shouldn’t be hurried – you’re making a significant investment so you should take care to get it just right.

Don’t just choose the photos that you think ‘look best’, but choose the ones that make you smile. Choose the ones that bring back all the memories, the excitement and emotions of your day!

Options To Help Make Your Wedding Album Perfect:

A ‘standard’ album is the main one I include in my price list. It is the most popular option: 10″x10″, with 30 sides. But, you can have bigger or smaller pages, and more or fewer pages and I’ll simply adjust the price to suit.

There are a lot of choices of album cover material and colour. You can go classic with black, white or ivory, or choose from a range of modern bold and pastel colours. I include real leather covers as standard, as well as up-to-date cotton fabrics. You can also choose to upgrade to silk or vintage leather for a more individual look. I have samples of all the cover options, so we’ll have a look at them when we discuss your album.

I include a heavy-weight, gallery quality paper in my albums, which looks amazing and feels great. You can upgrade that to a super-heavy art paper for a very impressive, chunky wedding album.

Personalise your wedding album by adding your name and/or wedding date to the front. There are a few options for embossing, engraving and printing it on, or you can let me choose for you.

Wedding albums come in a cotton bag inside a beautiful craft box. You can upgrade to a cotton-covered clamshell box in a colour of your choice, or even a handmade bamboo box if you prefer.